Financial Statements

Many nonprofit organizations receive grants and contracts from foundations, governments and private donors.  These donors often need assurance that the financial statements represent the true financial position of your organization.  They may require one of the following levels of assurance:

  • Audit – highest level of assurance.  Includes review of internal controls, testing of transactions and communication with third parties.  We issue a report that provides an opinion that your financial statements are fairly stated and free of material misstatements.
  • Review – provides limited assurance and is less extensive than an audit.  It involves inquiry and analytical procedures. 
  • Compilation – presents your financial statements based on our knowledge of accounting principles and a general understanding of your business.

Tax Preparation

  •  990


  •   Internal Controls  - we evaluate your internal controls to ensure that your financial statements are not misstated in accordance to GAAP and that fraud does not exist
  • Board Training – training to help board members advance their missions as they learn how to make better financial decisions and better protect their assets. 
  • Staff Training – training accounting staff to identify and understand generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) unique to your organization and adequate internal controls